The Perfect Blue Sapphire & Tanzanite Story
Natural Blue Sapphire

Blue gemstones are some of the most popular and beautiful in the world. But, with so many options, which one is right for you? We're here to help! Whether you want to know about the differences between sapphire and tanzanite or want to learn more about these gems, we have the answers.

Sapphire vs Tanzanite

The blue sapphire and tanzanite are both beautiful stones that can be found in the same color but have different origins. Sapphires are found in many countries like Sri-lanka, Burma, Madagascar, Thailand, and Australia. However, tanzanites come from only one place—Tanzania. For this reason alone, you may consider purchasing tanzanite as it's rarer than a sapphire.

In terms of cost comparison, sapphires often cost more than tanzanites; however, there are high-quality gemstones that cost $300-$500 per carat for both varieties! That means if you find great deals on beautiful stones at $300 per carat or less, you should definitely consider buying them! So don't let anyone tell you what kind of stone might be best for your budget because both options are excellent choices for any collection!

When you're looking for the perfect blue sapphire and tanzanite, you want to find the stone that will sparkle and shine. You are looking for a stone that can stand out in any situation, whether during a wedding or when you are just hanging out with your friends and family.

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Blue Sapphire and tanzanite are both blue gemstones. Blue Sapphire is a purely blue color, while tanzanite has a hint of purple in its color. 

The most important thing to remember when shopping for sapphires is their color. A deep blue with no purplish undertones will be more valuable than one with lighter or warmer tones—but if you love your stone's unique coloring, go for it!


Unlike blue sapphires, which are more likely to have inclusions (impurities) or clouds, tanzanite is known for its transparency. This means that you don't see any visible flaws when you look through the gemstone. Tanzanite also has fewer inclusions than sapphire and is less likely to have clouds or spots.

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Natural Tanzanite

Carat Weight

Carat weight is the standard measurement unit used to determine a gemstone's size. The larger the carat, the heavier it will be—and therefore, the more expensive. For example, tanzanite can range from 1 carat all the way up to 30+ carats! This means that if you want to buy high quality tanzanite that weighs 10+ carats (which is pretty large), then you'll need to spend quite a bit of money on it. The same goes for blue sapphires.


Cut is the shape of the stone and is one of the most critical factors in determining how much light a gem will reflect. A poor cut can result in a stone that appears dull or opaque, while a good cut will enhance sparkle and brilliance. The shape also plays an important role in cut quality—a well-cut round brilliant cannot achieve the same level of optical perfection as an oval-shaped stone with parallel facets. A poor cut may not affect appearance at first glance, but it can make a dramatic difference over time as brittleness sets in due to repeated stress caused by contact with other gems during setting or wear.

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Natural Blue Sapphire

A Final Look at Sapphire and Tanzanite

Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that will last you forever. While tanzanite is a truly unique and stunning addition to your jewelry collection, it's not as durable as sapphire. However, sapphire is the way to go if you're looking for an investment that will continue to increase in value over time.

We don't blame you if you want to go with tanzanite instead of sapphire. It's a beautiful stone for sure—we think it lacks the longevity of choosing your blue gemstone carefully!

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We know that the differences between sapphire and tanzanite can be confusing, but hopefully, this guide has made it a little easier to understand. If you think we missed something, let us know.